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Provides complete CARB tier 3 compliant systems and service.

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  Fleet Heavy Equipment Remanufacturing Services

UNICOR offers complete refurbishing services from assessment to delivery. Through our knowledge of military, agency and law enforcement vehicle regulations, we can work with you to assess your vehicles, recommend needed refurbishments, and write modification work orders and customized statements of work.

Standard UNICOR capabilities and remanufacturing processes:

  • We can rebuild and upgrade a few components or entire vehicles
  • Vehicles are upgraded to current military, government and law enforcement safety codes and operational standards.
  • We are equipped to provide the latest vehicle technical innovations.
  • Only OEM-specified parts are used in our remanufacturing program.
  • All work meets safety and performance requirements.
  • We handle vehicle exterior and chassis work and remanufacture or replace engine components, transmissions, differentials, brakes, etc.
  • We road test your vehicles before delivery.
  • All work is fully guaranteed.
  • When remanufacturing is complete, UNICOR can deliver like-new, upgraded components or vehicles to the location you specify.

UNICOR also refurbishes military and law enforcement vehicles for use in training. We ensure that features and controls are comparable to those military and law enforcement personnel would find in the field.

As a federal agency component, we accept MIPRs (Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests). We also accept federal contract awards. With our in-depth knowledge of the federal procurement process, UNICOR can meet your needs quickly and conveniently.

Please contact us today for more information about our heavy equipment remanufacturing services.

Examples of UNICOR's Heavy Equipment Remanufacturing Capabilities

Bobcats Before and After UNICOR Remanufacturing