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UNICOR Data Services

Optical Character Recognition, Coding, and Indexing Services

UNICOR offers economic means of converting text, paper-based information and old electronic data to a new electronic form. Many organizations have made the investment to put their documents in image form for effective management, rapid retrieval and wider dissemination (through electronic media, online document retrieval systems, or publication on the Internet).

File conversion costs as much as 80% of the overall expense of changing from a manual to an automated document management system. UNICOR will show you the full value of your investment by significantly reducing the cost of these labor intensive activities. And that's not all. UNICOR can give you tips on how to further decrease your costs on file conversion. UNICOR has the resources to provide:

  • Full text capture through OCR or re-keying
  • Complete range of PDF output - including Hidden Text
  • SGML, HTML, and XML tagging for publishing and distribution
  • Manual proofing and editing to guarantee required accuracy
  • Complete indexing to assure ease of retrieval

Electronic Imaging Services

UNICOR Services Business Group provides a cost effective means for capturing and converting a wide range of documents, allowing your organization to gain control over much needed information. With UNICOR's support, you can retrieve the documents and data you need when you need them. UNICOR can scan your documents and return them to you as electronic images on the media of your choice or we can repack documents into NARA records containers, complete SF-135 Records Transmittal and Receipt forms and deliver your documents to NARA.

Digitizing Services

Are your drawings in easy to use electronic format or do you still have cabinets full of paper drawings that take up valuable space and can only be referenced by one person at a time? If you are still using paper drawings then our Digitizing Services can help you. We can convert, images, maps, charts, drawings, and more to digital formats for greater ease of storage, use, and resource sharing.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Services

For more than 20 years, our experienced professionals and technicians have provided a wide range of Computer Aided Design (CAD) applications to meet customers' needs. These include architectural drawings, 2-Dimensional plans, and 3-Dimensional models for the manufacturing and construction industries. While Large Document Scanning and CAD Conversion are our most sought-after services, we also offer Photorealistic Product and Architectural Visualization to bring your designs to life, as well as 3-Dimensional Design/Modeling and Production Drawing.