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Electronics and Components

UNICOR offers precision manufacturing, cost-effective mission critical technologies. Product lines include: Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses, Circuit Boards, Electrical Components and Connectors, Lighting and Power Distribution, Fiber Optics, Communications and Plastics/Molding Technology.

Solar and Renewable Energy

Making renewable energy work with affordable photovoltaic panels.


We are adept at custom braiding metallic, nylon and other textile materials in almost any twist configuration and length.

Cable Assemblies

Precision is paramount when it comes to sensitive electronics or close tolerance plastic molding.

Wire Harnesses

We manufacture wire harnesses of all types, from miniature wire subassemblies to the large, complex wire harnesses used in Cobra helicopters, fighter jets and Bradley vehicles.

Circuit Board Assemblies

We are highly skilled at fabricating and soldering printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies.

Communications Systems

We are a critical supplier of equipment, parts and kits for "communications on the move."

Kitting Services

We have the skilled labor, nationwide facilities and worldwide global distribution to provide kits of almost any kind to meet your exact requirements.


We have over 60 years experience manufacturing heavy-duty, rugged lighting for use in demanding environmental conditions.

Extension Cords

Our heavy-duty extension cords can be found worldwide, connecting equipment, lighting and communication systems to power sources in military facilities, on shipboard, for secure communications systems and to operate heavy equipment.

Power Distribution (PDISE) Units

We are a valuable resource for military, agency and OEM customers that have special requirements for power distribution and control.

Surge Protectors

We manufacture a wide range of surge protectors for AC ands DC power, data, RF and co-axial lines.