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Inbound/Outbound Call Center Solutions

Let us be your direct line for success for Inbound and Outbound contact centers!

For over 80 years, UNICOR has been operating factories and employing inmates in America's correctional institutions. After years of providing quality goods and services to federal agencies, UNICOR now has the authority to work with private sector firms that are sending their work offshore or in lieu of sending it offshore. We call it 'smart-sourcing'. Let's face it; outsourcing offshore can be a hassle. There are language barriers, monetary exchange rate concerns, time zone differences etc. And to visit your offshore operations may require a transoceanic flight. With more and more call center work being outsourced, UNICOR can provide call center support at highly competitive rates, right here in the USA!

Imagine... All the benefits of domestic outsourcing at offshore prices. It's the best kept secret in outsourcing!

Partnership Based on Experience and Performance

Under special pilot projects, we offer companies the opportunity to repatriate work to the USA. In a nutshell, you provide the software, telecom, and training, and we'll provide the facility and labor.

Inbound Directory Assistance

Our DA Operations have employed many hundreds of workers, 7 days a week, handling all manner of Directory Assistance calls. We rival the best! In fact, our Call Handling Time (CHT) of 35 seconds, Abandon Rate under 2%, and Average Speed of Answer (ASA) of under 5 seconds all meet or beat industry standards.

Outbound Business-to-Business Support

Our Outbound B2B Contact Centers have performed data scrubbing, lead generation, and profiling for some of the top companies in America.

Smart Sourcing Benefits

When you outsource to UNICOR / Federal Prison Industries, the benefits are very clear. We offer:

  • Skilled agents
  • Low labor rates
  • Native English and Spanish language skills
  • High security
  • Nationwide coverage

Let us address your simple, high volume, first-tier customer support functions, while your employees focus on the more complex, high-value operations.

Up to Date and Up to the Task

Our proven experience lies in voice-based services to provide directory assistance, sales, telemarketing and customer service, particularly geared toward the travel, lead generation and fleet sectors.

We also offer voice-based inbound customer and technical support services such as:

  • Inbound Customer Service and Sales
  • Commercial B2B Outbound Telemarketing
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Help Desk Services
  • Vacation and Travel Industry Sales Support

A Commitment to Quality and Security

UNICOR takes additional steps to ensure that inmates can safely meet the security needs of any contact center client. Inmates are not permitted to make calls to private citizens in their home, and we carefully review potential inbound consumer call work to assure everyone involved that inmates will not have access to personal information. We will not accept work if there is any question about meeting all parties' security concerns.

The Secret's Out!

Whether you need outbound B2B or inbound contact center support, we can be the ideal partner. We have the experience, the quality control, the cost-effective labor pool, and the nationwide facilities to offer a highly competitive alternative to offshore outsourcing.

When you work with UNICOR, your company is providing valuable job skills to federal inmates while it repatriates jobs back from overseas. It is truly a 'win-win' relationship for all involved.

If your company is in need of a call center/help desk solution or need skilled operators to take your calls at affordable, competitive prices, please contact us for more information.