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Fleet Upfit/De-retro Services

The Fleet Solutions Group (FSG) offers complete de-retro and upfit services for new commercial, government agency and military vehicles. This includes manufacturing custom components.

We have years of experience and success in upfitting sedans, vans and buses for Homeland Security; fire and rescue vehicles for the U.S. Forest Service; and HMMVs, pickup trucks, sedans, Jeeps and Surrogate MRAPs for the military, and much more.

Upfit/De-Retro Services

FSG works with you to assess your mobile asset needs from design and prototyping to delivery. We have in-depth knowledge of military, law enforcement, medical and fire platform requirements. That means we can work closely with you on vehicle mission requirements, and prepare enhancement modifications in a customized Statement of Work (SOW).

Fleet Asset Life Cycle Management

FSG also offers the Vehicle Management Information System (VMIS), a comprehensive fleet management data system in partnership with AssetWorks, provider of leading-edge, scalable software applications specifically designed for fleet management professionals.  VMIS allows you to easily and efficiently right-size your fleet, providing detailed maintenance, fuel consumption, budgeting and tracking for your mobile assets.   Read More

  • Standardization - reduced inventory and controlled equipment layout(s) for your fleet.
  • Federally certified purchasing agents who can purchase or lease vehicles for you.
  • Mobile assets are delivered directly to an FSG facility, where work is performed in accordance with your approved Statement of Work (SOW).
  • Extensive machine shop capabilities allow us to fabricate specialized components such as custom-make grill guards, cargo barriers, security screens, gun safes, computer mounts, truck vault storage and more.
  • When the retrofit/upfit process is complete, FSG can deliver your mission-ready vehicles to the location you specify, picking up dead lined mobile assets for return to an FSG facility for De-retro and auction.
  • De-retro of dead lined mobile assets, removing specialized components, refurbishing when possible and utilizing them on new vehicles to assist you in cost containment efforts.
  • The actual dead lined vehicle and non-sensitive items are placed on GSA Auction, with the proceeds credited to your account for additional allocation.
  • All work is warranted and fully guaranteed.


As part of a federal agency, we accept MIPRs (Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests). We also accept federal contract awards. With our in-depth knowledge of the federal procurement process, FSG can meet your needs quickly and cost-effectively, and provide unmatched customer service.

Upfitting vehicles

Vehicle Upfit/De-retro/R&D

In-depth knowledge of emergency response vehicle requirements.

VMIS components

Vehicle Management Information System

VMIS is a comprehensive internet based fleet life cycle management system.  All the benefits of AssetWorks, at a fraction of the usual startup and maintenance cost.

Upfitting Ambulance Bus

Refurbished (RESET)Ambulance Bus

Disassembled to nothing but nuts and bolts; Steam cleaned; Abraded; Coated and Reassembled.  Delivered with zero miles, zero hours – Dyno certified engine and transmission.


Nationwide Facilities

Our facilities use Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing Methodology and hold ISO 9001:2008 certifications.